Why Do I Write?


When I got the brilliant idea to put my writing out into the world, many people expressed surprise at the fact that I write.

But you’re an engineer!

This is true, but I have always enjoyed reading and writing.  I looked around recently and realized there were not many books that I could relate to, books with women in STEM careers solving problems. If you don’t know, STEM is an acronym.  It stands very broadly for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.   And let’s face it, there are not many of us women in these professions to begin with.  Sadly enough, even though it is 2018, I have even met people who express out loud that they didn’t know that women could be electrical engineers.  Often times they think I work with computers and ask me if I can fix theirs.  I explain to them that is too low of voltage.

This got me thinking, wouldn’t it be great to write some stories with great female protagonists in roles other than just a “hacker.” I am not knocking computer science engineers. I know some amazing women in this field and we need more women here, just like we do in every aspect of STEM.  I want to help people understand that computer science is more than just a person sitting behind a computer “hacking.”  Just like I want people to understand that there are amazing careers out there that they maybe have not even thought or heard of that are in the realm of STEM.  this is one of the reasons I started this page and decided to start putting my writing out there for the world to see, for better or worse.

The other reason I started this page was to answer the question I always get asked, “How did you get from a small town in the Mojave Desert of California to Alaska?”  Well, it’s a long story…