Blood in the 40-mile/Spruce Hen, Romantic Suspense

Lake across from Mentasta Lodge. Great place to see Trumpeter Swans.

Mike, an Alaska State Trooper is returning to the sleepy mining town of Spruce Hen, AK to run the bar and café for his grandparents.  While he loves his job as a Trooper, after fighting a prolonged custody battle with his deceased girlfriend’s family for custody of his son, he’s hesitant to work in such a dangerous occupation, and leave Brandon without a stable, loving home.

Mike’s cousin Alyssa is looking for a re-set on her life.  After finding out her husband cheated on her while she was out at sea, she’s newly divorced and discharged from the Navy.  She’s coming back to Spruce Hen for the first time since she was a teenager, promising to help Mikey run the bar, and use her skills as an Electrician to make new upgrades to the electrical systems.  She hopes that everyone will forget her awkward, chubby teenage years, and the desperate crush she had on Jack, Mike’s best friend.

Tina has been ordered to take a break.  Once the top nurse at the #1 trauma unit in Seattle, she had a major nervous breakdown the night the medics wheeled in a case just like her deceased husband’s.  Granted 6 months leave, she meets up with Alyssa on her way to stay with a friend in Alaska, and agrees to work at the bar in Spruce Hen, immediately drawn in by her handsome new boss, Mike.

Jack is the middle and considered to be the handsomest of the Walsh brothers.  HIs good looks and charm got him into more trouble than he bargained for.  Now older and wiser, he’s sworn off women, and has focused on the family mining and RV business out in Spruce Hen.  That is until, the gorgeous and all grown up Alyssa shows up with her tools, working her way into his heart.

The two couples find love under the midnight sun in the Alaska interior, until bodies start showing up in the 40-mile river.  A killer is on the loose, and the remote region is on edge.  Can the four friends unmask the killer in their midst before one or all of them becomes the victims?